For years we have been mixing up a summertime favorite, the FIL - it's the bee's knees. We set out to share our refreshingly classic yet effective giggle water for all to enjoy responsibly, wherever you go...the beach, the ferry, the 7th green, sailing, or at your favorite watering hole.

Here's to summer never ending...

When I was 11 years old my family bought a bar. Not just any bar, the only bar on a seven mile island, complete with its own light up disco dance floor. Here I learned how to play pool, deep fry a mozzarella stick, shuck oysters, clean toilets, and make “dump” runs with my father (hauling trash to the transfer station). At 18 I joined the rest of my family and began tending bar.

Whether it’s in the kitchen, behind the bar, or outside I have always been interested in how things were constructed, but found a way to make it my own. As a bartender I enjoyed the craft of mixing, experimenting with flavors and refining cocktails.

Each Friday I blended our signature beverage, Fishers Island Lemonade in several 15 liter batches. We served FIL throughout the night and into the wee hours of the morning – it would barely last the weekend. One night I reached into the beer cooler to grab a beer and thought, “what if I canned our lemonade?”